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Hang Cui


Software Engineer - Search Quality

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,
Mountain View, CA 94043

Work phone: 650-214-1908
hang.cui AT gmail DOT com 




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Hi, you have reached my personal (as well as research) web page. Welcome!

After more than 2 years, I came back to Google as a software engineer in the beginning of 2010. I am so excited to come back! I'm now in the search quality team.

Before coming back to Google, I was a senior relevance scientist at the search relevance team at Yahoo! search. My work focuses on ranking of search results at Google and Yahoo. Prior to Yahoo!, I was a software engineer at Google Beijing office. I also spent 3 months at a start-up company which works on real-time search.

I obtained my Ph.D. degree at the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, co-advised by Prof. Tat-Seng Chua and Prof. Min-Yen Kan. I hold my B.S and M.S in management information systems from the Management School, Tianjin University in China.

Please drop me an email if you are interested in any of my research. Thanks!

CV and references are available upon request.

My research

My main research interests include information retrieval, natural language processing and machine learning. Particularly, I'm focusing on the intersection of information retrieval and natural language processing, called question answering, which aims to return the exact answers in response to users' queries.  My PhD thesis is about precise passage retrieval for answering different types of questions, including definitional and factoid questions.

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