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Here I listed some packages that may be helpful to research. Note that all software/template packages here are ONLY for the purpose of research.  Please contact me if you intend to use any of the packages for other purposes.  There is no warranty for the packages.

Soft Pattern Matching Models (Java)

There are two packages for soft pattern matching models -- one is based on the bigram model and the other is based on the Profile Hidden Markov Model (PHMM).  Read the comments in MyMain.java for the training and testing processes.

  • the bigram  model based soft matching model [download]
  • the PHMM based soft matching model [download]

Soft Matching of Dependency Relations for Passage Retrieval (C++)

This package implements fuzzy (or soft) matching of dependency relations for passage retrieval.  Follow the instructions in Readme.txt.  [download]

Latex Package for PhD Thesis

This package includes a set of files for writing a PhD thesis in Latex. You may want to change the settings of particulars in the style files.  Please check your school's formatting requirement before using this package.
Note that the latex files are customized based on Min-Yen Kan's PhD thesis from Columbia University.  [download]